North Warnborough Community Football Support Association (NWCFSA)

In the short term the objective of the NWCFSA is to manage the revival of the North Warnborough pitch and seeing the changing rooms restored to formal glory. The long term objective is to manage the use of the ground and ensure the quality of up keep.

The Association

The association is Not for profit – to facilitate the use as a community asset. Raise funds to cover running costs and manage the operation of the ground.


Solely for Football
Short term – North Warnborough Sunday Team & Hook youth
Long term – Any viable team from the area, ideally involving local players.


The land currently and will always remain owned by Mr David Janaway and Family


The ground has been donated for use of football for many years and holds many memories of glory and excitement for many residents of the area. Great efforts were made in the late 80’s to meet demanding FA standards and fundraising enabled the building of a new pavilion / changing room. With management moving on and teams disbanding the ground became overgrown and neglected and a bust pipe in the pavilion has caused extensive damage.
The local Police have become concerned with indications of random fires etc and have growing concerns that it will continue to fall further into disrepair.
The Football community and local residents have clearly indicated a return to former glory would be of great benefit to the local area.


Once up and running the ground should be self funding. To cover the initial work funds will be sort by grant funding via community projects and support funding via the Football Association.


Vehicle access and car parking